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Edwardian Style Duster Made of Antique Materials- L/XL

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Edwardian Style Duster Coat Made of Antique Materials- L/XL

Really lovely and striking, duster coat, which I have come to believe has been made of antique materials. Admittedly this piece is a bit of a mystery to me as I originally thought it was antique! The calico lining, and the outer material seemed to strike all the boxes for an antique coat but something is not quite sitting right and that is the blue green stripe fabric used on the trim of the inside of the coat. It just seems a hair more modern, but it could just be that the colors are still so rich and vivid due to lack on sun exposure! It came buttonless and I added this button. It does have some various wear and marks that show age. Overall it’s in very good condition. Regardless it’s a beautiful statement piece and deserves a loving home!

Size: L/XL

Ptp: up to 52”

Sts: 19”

Waist: up to 55”