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1950s Reindeer Fur Jacket w/ Pom Poms- XXS/XS

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1950s Reindeer Fur Jacket w/ Pom Poms- XXS/XS

Absolutely adorable and unique, reindeer fur, hooded and lined jacket w/ multicolored pom poms, in beautiful vintage condition! I’d like to make an edit of my last description, as one of you kindly enlightened me that this is reindeer fur and likely made by the Sami people who reside in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the far north of Russia. Yes this piece is a youth jacket which can be worn by size double extra small or an extra small adult. Lined in a red fleece fabric. Metal zipper is covered in a forest green enamel. Zipper can be a little sluggish but does work. The sleeves will likely be short on an adult, but if that doesn’t bother you, it’ll just be the sweetest thing in your closet!

Was purchased in England and I was told it came from a Duke’s estate.

Size: XXS/XS

Ptp: up to 33” comfortably (measures to 17” across)

Sts: 13”

L: 19”

Sleeve: 14”