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1940s Rayon Crepe Fringe Dress- 6/8

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1940s Rayon Crepe Fringe Dress- 6/8

Cannot get over how magical this 1940s fringe dress is by Bonwit Teller. So iconic and feels so good to move around in. She definitely has a good weight to her, very telling of the quality and craftsmanship. Fringe is in excellent condition. Flaws: has three very small pinholes on the bust. And the rayon fabric has the faintest lightness (or fade) in a few areas when in a certain light. Truthfully this is just me nit picking. She really does present so beautifully. Would be fabulous for a holiday or New Years event, but is also suitable for any nice occasion!

Size: 6/8
Ptp: 37”
Sts: 16”
Waist: 28/29”
Hip: 31-39”
L: 42”