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1940s Novelty Print Twirling Top Rayon Skirt Set- S/M

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1940s Novelty Print Twirling Top Rayon Skirt Set- S/M

I love the twirling tops, so fun! Green celluloid buttons which compliment the green in the print. Adorable peplum on the blouse w/puffed sleeves and pleats. Skirt is just a hair longer than a midi length, which I just think is so much more flattering! There is no end to the fun you can have with this set as you can wear it as an ensemble, or mix the pieces up into separates. She’s super strong and in very good vintage condition.

Flaws would be some fabric fray, about 2” at the bottom of the blouse, I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you hand wash and line dry (never put your oldies in the washer machine!) And there is some black stitching on the outside of the waistband done by previous owner. I didn’t recognize till taking photos, not very obvious. Waistband is strong as well.

Size: S/M
Ptp: up to 38”
Sts: 15.5”
Waist: up to 28”
L: 19.5”

Waist: 25”
Hip: open. up to 42”
L: 29.5”