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1930s Sea Foam Rayon Crepe Gown w/ Bolero- S

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1930s Sea Foam Rayon Crepe Gown w/ Bolero- S

This ensemble is literally from a fairy land! Gorgeous, bias cut dress with mesh bolero jacket and matching rhinestone belt. Overall in beautiful condition for its age. This piece has been hand dyed and there are some dye inconsistencies throughout. I feel as if they add texture and beauty. Belt is also missing some rhinestones.  Belt loops are located around the ribcage but you could wear the belt around the waist as well.

Technically the pit to pit measurement does stretch up to 36” around. But since the shoulder to bust drop is a little short I would recommend for either a small bust or smaller cup size.

Size: S


Ptp: best for 32/33”

Shoulder to bust drop: 12.25”

Waist: up to 35” stretched

Hip: up to 42” stretched

Armcye: up to 18.5” around

L: 51.5”



25.5-27” stretched (loops are placed around ribcage, but you could wear the belt lower if you’d like)



Sts: 15.5”

Ptp: up to 33”

L: 16”

Waist: open

Armcye: 9”