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1930s Novelty Checkered Cotton Linen Dicky- S/M

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1930s Novelty Checkered Cotton Linen Dicky- S/M

Off to the races with this really darling and quirky, 1930s cotton linen dicky with a wonderful brown checkered print. This piece has beautiful mother of pearl buttons and is in excellent condition for its age. Has a few small spots on the right hand side near the collar. Shown in photos. Could be worn over a white tank of a blouse with bellowing sleeves. 

Originally, a dicky was an essential part of tuxedo in the 19th century.   After the dickey was invented, people could save their time to just launder the detachable bosom instead of a whole shirt. In order to be more wrinkle-free than the real bosom.

Size: S/M

L: 19-22” shortest to longest point

Width at waist: 13” across