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1930s Antique Crazy Quilt Cropped Jacket- S/M

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1930s Antique Crazy Quilt Cropped Jacket- S/M

Darling, 1930s crazy quilt jacket with rhinestone frog closures. Adorned with a variety of intricate silk and rayon patches and lined in a silk rayon satin. Slightly cropped fit with shorter sleeves. A perfect summer evening piece. If you are an admirer or collector of these types of pieces, you’ll know that almost every time you’ll find severe shattering to the fabrics. Luckily this one is in very good shape comparatively. One patch has been removed on the shoulder by previous owner and the few that were beginning to loose composition have been tacked and stitched down. As you can see with the one that has been removed, there is a beautiful cotton material beneath, so if you ever felt the need to remove another, it would still blend very well. Structurally very strong.

Size: S/M

Ptp: 34-37”

Sts: 15-15.5”

L: 19”

Sleeve: 16”